Is this bridge pretty?


Can one say “hand-knit” about crocheted blankets?

To be fair, in some of the close ups of the works going up on the bridge, some looked knit and some looked crocheted.

No griping! Crochet, knit, whatever. They pulled off an audacious project!


One assumes they had permission? Bridges are one of those pieces of infrastructure that garner a lot of concern when people muck with them otherwise.

No, the city shut down traffic on the bridge and lent them a cherry picker because Pittsburgh city council are a bunch of anarcho-nihilists.


Not sure if “pretty” is the word I’d use for that style of beauty, but it is very very cool.

This trio of elegant bridges, as early (1926) and successful examples of self-anchored suspension bridges, are pretty no matter how they might be decorated. The new eastern Bay Bridge span is a modern instance, pretty and impressive in its own ways.

Pretty, yes, but the yarn made its butt look big.

I took a picture from a different angle about a week ago


The best part is that the panels will be taken down after the exhibit, laundered, and distributed to shelters and to the homeless. Now that’s beautiful.


It is very pretty, especially given the extraordinarily ugly buildings behind it.


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