New York will blow up the Tappan Zee Bridge on Saturday


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It would be nice if we didn’t have to kiss the asses of politicans and blow legacy-smoke up their asses by naming infrastructure after them to get things funded and built. Tappan Zee was a really cool name for a piece of infrastructure, and it actually made sense


It is a shame that there is so little left to blow up.


We were thinking of driving over to watch this. We traveled over the TZB so many times to avoid going through NYC.


Robert Breer did a beautiful animation of hundreds of hand-drawn views of the bridge, called TZ. Sadly, not on Youtube.


Another case of new York breaking the very rules they deny terrorists.


Hell yes - Tappan Zee was a great name - and part of the original Dutch history of NY. One of the non English colonies. Much of which was lost as it had never been translated.


Your comment came at the very moment when I thought how decrepit it is to have the names of psycho- and sociopathic war criminals prominently displayed on public buildings.

Aligned with the naming of sport venues after corporations that evade taxes, lie and steal from the American taxpayers.

Well, Krishnamurti only forgot the attribution ‘most’ in his notion about it being no measure of health to be well adjusted to a (most) profoundly sick society. From ‘profoundly sick’ to ‘most profoundly sick’ is the evolution of Western societies.


My thought exactly. I doubt I travelled over it more than a handful of times, but really loved hearing the name on traffic reports, especially when someone with a New York accent was saying it. The new name doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I hope this situation ends up like “Avenue of the Americas”, where the locals keep calling it by the old name until the authorities just give up.


Just don’t set your camera up with a bus stop between you and the action.


I do wish the Tappan Zee name was still going to be used, but I think too much has been made of the naming. Current Gov Cuomo has put tremendous resources into infrastructure development and rural revitalization officers while other states are setting themselves up for a generation of failure. I don’t know that there’s a better-loved NY Governor in the last half of the 20th century than Mario Cuomo. I don’t agree with everything he’s done (like leaving the MTA to hang), but by and large his tenure has been great for NY’s long-term health.


After doing a little reading, it sounds like this bridge was unsafe and needed to come down. But still, when I hear about the destruction of iconic structures like this, I wonder if those involved bother to take copious photographs or make 3D scans of such things before the destruction begins, for history/posterity. Seems the least they could do.


Prediction: within 20 years a snippet of the video of this demolition will be used in a Republican anti-terrorism ad campaign


In 1974, the New Netherland Project began to translate and transcribe the 12,000 pages of Dutch-language administrative records from the archives of New Netherland … have transcribed and translated over 7,000 pages to date

Maybe they could, you know, pick up the pace a little?


Send them money?


Try to impress every last detail of the scene
Into long term memory
Like a glint of the Palisades
Across the Tappan Zee.

  • The Gazetteers, Bedroom Community


Totally agree and this is why i will always refer to the bridge as the Tappan Zee. The other reason is “Not Cuomo’s bridge” doesn’t roll off the tongue and my kids always thought it was the chimpan zee bridge. They can name it whatever they want, but Cuomo didn’t pay for the bridge so slapping his name on it is just plain embarrassing.




It even made it into one of my favorite classic animated shorts, in the intro song to The Nutshell Kids, Really Rosie:

I can sing, “Tea for two and two for tea”
I can act, “To be or not to be”
I can tap across the Tappan Zee
Hey can’t you see
I’m terrific at everything!


Off-topic, but a cartoon by Maurice Sendak with music by Carole King set in NYC? How did I not hear of this?