New York will blow up the Tappan Zee Bridge on Saturday


We listened to that album every night at dinner…until my older daughter became singularly obsessed with My Little Pony (things could be far worse)


I would have thought there would surely be an easier and cheaper way of recovering the materials. But then, I do not work in salvage or demolition.


No idea, that special was a cornerstone of my childhood.


Meanwhile I know about the Tappan Zee bridge from a different song: Little Red Light by Fountains of Wayne.


Everyone’s experiences differ.


I’ve tried that with Ronald Reagan National Airport to no avail. Alas.

EDIT: And, yet, I persist.



That’s some quality punnage, there.


The official name for the original bridge was The Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge but everyone and all the signs on the road said Tappan Zee. If they change all the signs, then people won’t have a choice what to call it.
They renamed the Triboro Bridge the Robert F Kennedy Bridge (RFK) . I think of it as the Triboro still but the signage all says RFK so it is hard to drive looking for Triboro.

The 59th Street Bridge is also known as the Queensboro bridge but is officially the Edward I Koch bridge. I know where it is and how to get to it, so I never notice what the signs say.


Tappan Zee this!!



I miss SCTV. “Tex & Edna Boil’s Organ Emporium” and “The Schmenge Brothers” were the best!!!


Well, the Wikipedia article for the new bridge is going with the old name (for now)…


Jeezum Crow, I’m getting old. I’m older than this bridge, but when I was a tad, it was a big deal to travel over this modern wonder. Well, it was worth a mention on the ride, anyway. And it is a big project, multi lanes for 3 miles over water.

Back in the day, she was a really impressive sight - coming down from the Northway you got a glorious panoramic view as it did a sigmoid curve across the mighty Hudson.


The demolition has been postponed due to adverse weather hampering the prep. No new date set yet as of 5-ish Thursday.


I’ve driven over that bridge hundreds of times; I used to commute to Spring Valley on the other side.

I think my sister’s neighborhood has a view of the bridge. I’ll have to ask if they plan on a viewing.


20 is awfully generous. Unless you mean, in 2020?


They pulled down a similar bridge just east of Vancouver a few years back. They weren’t allowed to drop even a bolt into the river under the environmental permits they had. It was all done manually.


“The Tappan Zee will meet its maker…”

The bridge was designed by Emil Praeger of the Madigan-Hyland engineering firm.

I like to believe demolished bridges meet their creators in bridge heaven.


See also:

First Narrows Bridge

And The Ironworkers OR Second Narrows (but never both)

Hell, even a lot of locals around here might have trouble finding First Narrows around here, even as they curse the traffic while crossing it.

Official names mean little, except to tourists.