New York will blow up the Tappan Zee Bridge on Saturday


Re cool NYC Dutch names…I wouldn’t mind moving back to NYC if it meant living in Spuyten Duyvil.


I drove over it last week.

Didn’t go well at all.


They should rename it the Feelin’ Groovy Bridge.


Apparently, the demolition has been postponed due to forecast of high winds…


Edward I Koch, you just got @simonize’d. Well, simonandgarfunklized, really.


Can someone do some on site acting? Re enact the Dark Knight .

Play the role of the Joker with a big red button to press timed with the explosions :slight_smile:


Working underwater must be much cheaper than providing demolition equipment (jack hammers) to everybody that likes to participate (under supervision) to bring down the bridge piece by piece. There is no deadline, or is there? If it can be done in five years for 25% of what it will cost now, the materials will be sorted like after the wrecking of a house in Bali…


My memories to this exact procedure will go into the ashes with me. In 2005 I was hired by a friend to participate in the demolition of a mansion in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island. The terrace, built from reinforced concrete and extending a whopping 30 feet over the ocean, needed to be removed due to erosion and replaced. Nothing was allowed to get into the ocean below. Inspectors would come by daily to make sure of that. All of that at 88ºF in the shade…


I bet the traffic radio folks go back to calling it the Tappan Zee soon enough.
(Or if not that, “The Super Mario Bridge” would work.)


I’ll probably always call it the Tappan Zee as will most New Yorkers, I’d bet. I could definitely be swayed to call it “Super Mario” if there’s a ground swell.


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