Is this the last thing here any of us can edit?

Continuing the discussion from Do you want to play questions?:

The name of the game is Edit Your Post.

Technically, the name of the game is Will you stop editing while I’m trying to respond? but the way you play it is Edit your post.

Other than this header-post laying out the rules, you are allowed one post per person.

Once you create your initial post, if you want to say something else, ask a question, answer a question, &c – edit your post.

NOTE: Even if you set your watch-status to Watching, I do not believe you will receive updates for edits - only for new posts. So, check back often!

(Curiously, you do receive notifications if your headline is edited)

If you want to create a screencap/cut-n-paste archive thread, be my guest.

Second-posts can be flagged by any user as being off-topic. Please be nice. This is a game. If you don’t want to play, don’t play. Don’t make us enrage the Don’t Push Your Luck Dragon.


In Finland grandpa discovered …

@OtherMichael : “what timezone are you in? I the [sic] everybody was still asleep.”

[1]: Title Archive (seriously, don't edit this title)


@tropo what timezone are you in? I the everybody was still asleep.

It’s not fair that I get to edit the title? Because only everybody else and their drunk uncle should be able to?

Hrm. A game (thread) called SRSLY YOU GUYS ARE ALL A**HOLES has a certain ring to it.


NB: blame @Mindysan33 for asking; it took me 36 hours to come up with this?

Yeah, this one is tough.

Thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into it.

Wang Wang everywhere a wang Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the wangs

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Do you acutally do anything else other than come up with amusing games for BB? Don’t you have like a job, and good smelling babies to tend to?

Wait! I don’t have to answer via question in this thread! TRALALALALA!!!

Who is your manager? Us? Cause we’re certainly pleased with the quality of games you provide.

What about the babies? Sweet smelling babies…

BABBYES ARE BESTEST!!! Babble, babbies, babble!!!

am I supposed to erase and edit, or just add on? What are the rules and parameters of this game, I’m asking…

@crenquis, it’s funny cause it’s true. Still true. I like just endlessly adding lines as we go. Radical transparency or some shit.


Not exactly a cut-n-paste archive, but I’m trying to record it all as accurately as I see it:

My progress so far:

We have a logo:

There is a limited time-frame for unliking after a like.

@tropo @monkeyoh Do I go to bed or hide under the bed? (it is surprising how that emergency script is embedded in my noggin)


I often post something, then realize I left something out I’d meant to say or decide to refine a point, so I edit it. Then I notice that someone ‘liked’ my post while I was editing it, meaning they were approving of the version before I edited it. That leaves me a bit perplexed.


Not so much a thread as a tangled skein. But let’s see what it does.

So far I’m just spraying lots of ham-and-cheese-on-croissant-crumbs on my laptop looking at this damned thing.

I demand that on a bowling shirt.


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Who’s responsible for not being able to see edit revisions again?

Oh right yeah, this isn’t the question thread any more.

@FoolishOwl Perfect opportunity to cause some havoc now you’ve got those likes locked in.

This space intentionally left blank.

What’s that about threaded versus flat, Atwood?


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