Seriously? I put up a link and nobody changes the title?

As discovered in Will you stop editing while I’m trying to respond? - certain users (trust level: regular only?) can edit the subject of a thread over and over. Notifications are sent out to the thread originator, but apparently nobody else.

##Anyway, the name of this game is SRSLY YOU GUYS ARE ALL A**HOLES.

#You play it by editing the title of the thread.


All replies will be flagged as being off-topic.

  • If you have a question - EDIT THE TITLE AND POST IT
  • If you want to comment on something - EDIT THE TITLE AND POST IT
  • If you’ve got something else you want to say- EDIT THE TITLE AND POST IT or create a new topic that references this one
  • If you’ve got a super-cool gif you need to show us - seriously, @Mindysan33, don’t you have papers to write?
  • If you want to know why title-edits are not viewable, - ask @Donald_Petersen

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↑ ↑ I think this is what you wanted, why not ask for it? Only prevents replies…