Israel 'to destroy Gaza tunnels'

Couldn’t they just drill down every 50 cm along the border to find them? Or is that too easy?

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Seems like those RADAR/sonar devices that they use for archaeological sites should be able to see the tunnels.


Yeah, I saw that. Like - no need to fucking shell the town, Scooby.

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Thank the skygods. The USA has actually loudly criticised Israel.

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…Which I suppose has some in the 'G’OP beside themselves with apoplexy…

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Oho! And now there’s a 72 hour truce. How weird. How coincidental.


Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys - Subsurface Geotechnical
There might be some technical complications due to the local soil make up, but I don’t see why they couldn’t use RADAR.

Yeah - this has been around for a long time!

Sadly, the truce has been blown apart.

Aaaand today that turns out to have been entirely made up as well. Fuck’s sake.

The three teenagers?

No, I was talking about the ‘abducted’ IDF soldier.

Aha. Yes, the Israelis are somewhat losing the misinformation game. They’re being complacent, or they’re deliberately mocking world opinion.

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Do you have a link handy?

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