IT Crowd final episode on Channel 4 tonight


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Thanks for the slap in the face to your US-based readership.

I’m sure we’ll see it soon enough.

I hope.

It just isn’t that hard to get a VPN and a UK web ip if you want one.

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anyone across the pond wanna set up a livestream for us Yanks?

Something to think about when you see a post about media (legally) available in the US but not yet overseas.


Isn’t this just “The Internet Is Coming” episode that aired months ago?

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Is this the same “last episode” that aired all the way back in September? You’ve really got the inside track on this, yep.

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Channel 4’s IT Crowd Night includes another chance to see this year’s final hour-length special - The Internet Is Coming.

Yep. A “special” Christmas re-run. (The irony is that British television, unlike US television, actually does have a tradition of making extra Christmas episodes of shows, some of which may have been off the air for years. This just isn’t an example of that.)

Oh darn. I was really hoping it was some new final episode and not a rerun of the old final episode, which appears to be the case.

It sounded like it was a new one since OP mentioned “I’ve seen it”. So have most of us, since it’s been around since September. I thought it was a pretty decent finale as far as finales go, but I thought they came up with one last final effort.

Looking forward to seeing the behind the scenes, though.

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Hey Cory - you looked great!

The show got worse every season - the 4th one barely had any jokes in it, and when it had, it tried to milk them for minutes. Not looking forward much to the special when it airs here, but at least it will end. Cast was always good though, and the main reason for hanging around and seeing if it got better (it didn’t).

Can any of our British friends let us know which episodes were shown at 23:05 and at 23:35 as part of The IT Crowd Night? They were listed as “The Fans’ Favourite Episode” and “The Writer’s Favourite Episode” respectively. Thank you.

The entire episode is on YouTube.

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