It is extra fun to watch Bruce Lee destroy Chuck Norris in 'Way of the Dragon'

Not after Bruce helps out with a bit of manscaping :grinning:


This. Especially considering that Chuck Norris is such a dick.

(He bought the property next to one that one of my Dad’s friend owned, at decided at some point to move the property line fence 5 feet into their yard. When confronted about it basically just said “yeah, what are you going to do about it”, and they had to sue him to get him to move the fence back.)

Also, since they lived basically around the corner from each other. Chuck’s kid and Brandon Lee hung out with each other. (and Brandon worked at the local “lamppost pizza”, went to my school, and my older sister had a HUGE crush on him!).


Wow! There is a guy works down our chip shop swears he’s Elvis; but getting a pizza from the son of Bruce Lee sounds really surreal.

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He was a teen at the time “first job” sort of thing, and was an attractive guy. I thought it was a bit weird that he was working at all, but I’m guessing that his Mom thought it would be good for him. My sister was always really interested in going for post-game pizza with my soccer team when we’d do that…

There was always a cloud of underclassmen girls just hanging around him (doing their own thing of course) at school.

(and if we’re discussing the Lee kids, is anyone else a bit weirded out that Shannon ended up looking so much like Jennifer Tilly?)


Big Lee fan here. There is a big story about this scene.
Apparently Lee not only wanted to show Tang did not want to fight, but that he also realizes that his old style moves are not going to cut it with this guy. So he switches to a more dynamic, less classic style. You can see this half way in the fight, as he becomes less predicatable.
This was pushing one of his big concepts, of adapting to an opponent and not relying on learned moves.
Another fun bit of trivia, Lee actually offered the role of Colt to another of his friends Joe Lewis. But he never made it because he didn’t want to appear to loose to Bruce and wanted the scene to end in a draw. Bruce rejected this so the role went to Norris.


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