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I loved the IT Crowd.


Yes, it was inaccurate. And a bit hackneyed. And didn’t say much about IT, really. Nothing much funny about IT anyway.

It’s like a British IT version of The Big Bang Theory. And to a lesser extent, the Office.

It’s not about nerds, or IT. It’s about lowest common denominator characters doing lowest common denominator things (or enacting the fantasies thereof). Much like many Chuck Lorre shows. That 70s show wasn’t about the 70s, so much as a 70s flavored sitcom, with quirky technology and fads. From the 70s! Can you believe it?

#I come to my tribe on the BBS requesting material, mostly funny, but profound and dramatic is good too: Of IT Experience!

I’ll throw my hat in the ring:

#The Website Is Down

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Oh no!

Yeah, not IT, I had a similar IT experience, but I’m not posting it. :wink:


They ran the Alarm 5 times before any foam was on the ground. 4 times before any noticeable activity. And these yutzes stayed in place?

Did this happen in Russia? Is this what the US South is like? They say poor education, deregulation, and poverty causes problems…

Is it like, supposed to be “human safe”? Like Halon? Which will kill you.

Also: How in the blazes did they get that much foam? Is there a catalyst grid on the output? Is it hot? Is it like, sudzy water? It looks like some kind of reacted foam, seeing how much it expands.

That was a test / demo…


I don’t care if it ain’t IT at this point. I wanna know about that foam system. That’s awesome. In multiple senses. I don’t know how it makes that much foam but I want to know.



I’m not sure I get it…

But it seems funny?

I couldn’t find an IT Crowd gif that says I will cut you :wink:


It’s defintely of smaller scale than The Big Bang Theory (TBBT), but I’d say The IT Crowd (TITC) is just as irrelevant to IT, as TBBT is to American Geekdom™.

IT stories are what I’m going for. Like army stories, or gas station cashier stories, or all people’s stories.


At least I gave you build and OS info… There’s a guy at work who throws a fit every goddamn time I don’t include shit like that. Every single thing I send his way he immediately reassigns back to me saying “try harder.”

“Fucker, I’m tier 1 helldesk. If I don’t immediately see a five minute fix, my official job description says send it to you. By the stats I can see that of all the people on my team I send your team less stuff than anyone else because I’m willing to spend an hour fixing an issue for good for everyone in the org.”

I don’t like that guy. But I hate the self-appointed pedagogue worse. You know the guy. The guy who says he’ll help you, then after three hours you find the solution on your own when he could have just told you the solution. Then when you say this is a business, not a college campus he gets all offended that you don’t value the “considerable time” taken out of their schedule to string you along and waste your time while they’re doing whatever the fuck they want and giving you inaccurate half-hints about something that worked ten years ago, but doesn’t happen to work since two years ago.


Jeeze, the dude who thinks he’s my mentor issue happened months ago, but I’m angry all over again.

I’m just pissed off that this stranger, who I’ve never once met, or even spoken to on the phone, thought it’d be appropriate to act like master roshi or someshit because he knows more than me about something in a business setting. What a dickwad. I hope he gets cancer and his doctor hints at vitamin C or some other bullshit being a good treatment in some amount that guy would have to figure out on his own, then it turns out the doc had out of date info, and “Mr. Mentor” has to cure himself.

/Hyperbolic, you all know how I get.

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Thank you.

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