Can't unlike a post


I’ll like everything you write for you if you’ll do the same for me.

See, the system works!


Hmmm…looking that the way replies appear in a threaded conversation, would it make sense to have the like button (well, not the button but the X people liked this, like it too link) for the original post stay at the top of the thread with the original post, rather than at the bottom of the thread beneath the last reply? I think that is what is confusing.


I have no idea what you are talking about?


Okay, in the linked file there is a screenshot of a a post I made, also showing two replies to it.

At the bottom of the thread is the like count for my post, but physically next to the latest reply. It grey out, since this was my own post, but if if it was not it would say “2 people liked this, Like it too”. I am just proposing that having it at the bottom of the thread might be confusing, since it refers to the original post, not the reply that it is closest took. (I know, I should not be threading things, and I normally don’t, it just happened in the thread that originally started this whole thing off way back in the Before time, in the long long ago.)

(and yes, this is all a very complicated link-spamming-SEO scheme)


(Off-topic) Actually, all links are rel="nofollow"d until you reach Trust Level 3, which right now is manual promotion only.


Damn those meddling kids!


Aha, now I see what you mean! When replies are expanded, the like indicator is far from the original post to be "like"ed. I get it now.


(oh, and what did you do to make my picture in-line - I didn’t see an option for that when I poked around)


It’s a onebox - just put the URL by itself on a line.


Yes, I noticed this too and I agree with @edgore about how weird it looks.


Suddenly, I can’t unlike a post.

This one:

The heart icon doesn’t show that it’s a link. So my normal cursor doesn’t turn into a hand pointing. And if I click it, nothing happens.

Reviving topic.


Just testing and it seems to work fine on your post. I get a “action limit” warning if I like/unlike to often/quickly but thats normal I think.


It’s not working for me though…

BTW, @codinghorror here’s my browser build info and stuff:

I’m not upgrading to FF v48 until it comes downstream on the package manager.


You can only unlike for about 5 minutes after initially casting your like. Did you try to unlike after the 5 minute interval where it’s allowed?


A few more details: I can unlike @M_M’s post here just fine by clicking the heart icon. But the heart icon on on the aforementioned post is still not a hot-zone even.


Okay, that makes sense…

That seems new… When was that a thing, or was it always.

I know I’m trying to unlike something I liked a lot longer than five minutes ago.


Did you read… any… of this topic? That’s like the fourth or fifth post!


Sorry. I been working on a terrible helldesk, where we don’t have documentation, and nobody’s willing to document and we’re supposed to rely on the “tribal knowledge” of people who won’t pick up their phones. So I’ve gotten into some bad habits.

Thanks for reminding me that I could just leave that garbage heap and go some place that actually adheres to a standard or two and make my life ten times easier.

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