Italian island "hermit" may get evicted

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Maybe he was selling goods to pay for his travels?

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or perhaps the poster will blame it on his ADD baby

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Without his watch, the place would probably have become messier than it currently is. They don’t seem to even be open to some middle ground where he stays in approved shack, keeps up his duties w/o pay and eventually sails into the great beyond.


You only need title to a piece of land when somebody does want to chase you away.


Gilligan !!!

In a piece about seclusion from the daily grind, the barking, blaring voice of the narrator comes in like a trumpet just after they feature the old man’s calm, soothing voice. Don’t production people notice details like this? Hire a different narrator than one you’d use to talk dramatically about a plunge in the FTSE futures.

Hmm, do they not have a concept of adverse possession there?


It also helps when planning for the future. Improving a piece of land can attract attention.

"… move on with a new project which will likely be a scientific center for the spreading of environmental awareness."



What are squatter’s rights in that region? Dude might own the island himself, fair and square.

I don’t know- the article linked didn’t mention anything about what the laws are in Italy for it.

I mean, the guy’s 81, and lived there for 30+ years. Instead of trying to evict him, If I were the one making the choice, I’d choose to work with him to either relocate him with his permission, or come up with a mutually agreeable solution that makes both parties happy.

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