Video about a man who has lived alone on an island since 1989

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Gosh, that’s a cool story.


Molto interessante! Ho bisogno di guardarlo dopo il lavoro.

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Since I was a child I have always been fascinated by how frequently fetishistic documentarians are about not elucidating the money and the material determinants of the story: how does this fellow pay for his books? Where does his food come from?

From Great Big Story’s tale, you’d think the dude’s life is just like when you go to the beach, only 30 years longer.

That said: that island is gorgeous!


Apparently he’s manufacturing solar panels and selling them to the occasional tourist.


Where do I sign up?

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Here’s a 2018 Slate article that gives some details:

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It seems that 30 years is the legal limit to live as a hermit on an island.

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