Italy appoints 85-year-old with no AI knowledge to head AI commission

Originally published at: Italy's AI Commission Led by 85-year-old with no AI experience

I don’t know… I’d say Amato is pretty much on par with, say Elon Musk.

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A gerontocracy in Italy?
Oh My God What GIF by Robert E Blackmon


Maybe it is a blessing in disguise. He is old and doesn’t like change and recommends we shut it all down?

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I don’t think it is ageist to point out that appointing someone who is already 5 years passed the average life expectancy in Italy might not be a good way to start off a new organisation.

I respect older people and hope to be one myself one day but the fact is he will more than likely be unable to perform his role sooner rather than later.

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With Italy being one of the most corrupt European countries, I’m not surprised. Palms being greased; table’s being set for whatever could be gleaned for Big AI in Italy.

Reminds me of when Ted Stevens was in charge of the Senate committee regulating the internet.

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