Italy passes Internet censorship laws: regulator can censor sites on 12 days' notice without judicial review


and Presto! All around the world corporations slowly took control of the free internet.

It was nice while it lasted.


Italy: Leading the way to the new enlightenment.
Lightening your load of rights, knowledge and power.


So, more folks are going to learn about proxies and VPNs, then?


Counting the days until we see a headline here about one of the Italian entertainment companies accidentally blocking their own website and then missing deadline.


Ya, as long as there aren’t any penalties for users who access banned sites, I don’t see how this will change anything except make users and folks who make software for Italian internet users change tactics.

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I agree with the sentiment, but presto seems an inappropriate word when describing something slowly and incrementally happening.


Companies dealing with the Italian market were also saddled yesterday with an “ad tax” that forces anyone dealing in web ads to have a company registered in Italy and pay local taxes on “ads for the Italian market”. It will likely be struck down by EU authorities, but meanwhile it will further wound the local market for internet companies. In a country still going through a painful recession with no sense of economic purpose and huge debts, this is not good news.

This is why I left 12 years ago: Italy as a country is doomed beyond redemption. They want to be Mexico, not Europe, so let them be Mexico I say.

I agree. “Pesto” would have been more accurate.

Because: Italy!

Okay, I’ll go away now…

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