Italy unveils a legal proposal to regulate government hacking

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Internet traffic nowadays is mostly encrypted (“HTTPS”). Thus, for a few years now, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) have been facing far more challenges at gathering data through the interception of connections than they used to.


They could just do it the way we do here in the Land of the Free, where strict oversight is required for any surveillance like this, and routinely ignored.


Compared to what I know of the legilation in other contries, this seems to be rather good.

So, I would wager it won’t become law. And that’s without considering any cultural stereotypes of Italy - I don’t know any country where this would have any chance, right now. :frowning:

This seems like a really sensible way to draw the line and regulate these types of surveillance. Best of luck to Italy in passing it.

It’d be nice to have this in the U.S. but I don’t think the government here has to tell you they wiretapped you or whatever else if it turns out they couldn’t get any dirt on you. I’m not sure we have the rest of the legal framework for it.

I guess this does turn into a Texas Education-like precedent though. With Italy requiring all these certifications, source code, etc. anyone who produces software … what are we calling this, munitions? … for state actors and wants to include Italy in their list of potential clients will have to do the work anyway. It’ll make it more feasible for the rest of us to make similar demands from our own countries.

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