Italy gives boot to 629 desperate migrants


I’m for any migration that makes comfortable people uncomfortable. Blowback can be an important teacher, and we have to learn to truly share this planet’s bounty in a meaningful way instead of lurching from one self-inflicted humanitarian crisis to the next. And no, I don’t care if it means scammers selling friendship bracelets in my predominately white neighborhood. There’s a nice symmetry to it all. Market externalities must be allowed to come home to roost or we might as well scrap this capitalist model and move on. We can’t have it both ways for much longer.


Fixed - thank you!


Too bad your pertinent observations make little sense now that dissenting opinions have been eliminated.


With the moderators too.


Yeah… I can’t quite figure out why my post about 600k immigrants being 1% of the population of Italy was deleted. I didn’t think facts were controversial.


Apparently the big orange and his fox and friends are not the only ones waging war on facts :rofl:
Seriously, i don’t understand.


Perhaps Spain can put them in planes and send them to the ones partly responsible for the mess in Syria and Libya - the USA. Don’t know if the USA can deal with such numbers - will be hard though, they did take 11 syrian refugees in this year after all.

The money saved for housing and feeding the refugees can then be spend on buying more military stuff for Spains NATO obligations - something the US government likes to complain about a lot lately. /s

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