Spain's Podemos Party publishes its manifesto in Ikea Catalog form

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What if the political party I ordered arrived, but when I opened up the box it was missing the little packet of dowels?


Just make sure you do a mail-in vote; try to vote for them in person and you’ll end up lost and have to subsist on meatballs for a week.

If they do get elected, though, I wonder how much trouble they’ll have assembling a government. Hopefully they have clear, easy-to-read instructions.


It’s politics, you can substitute wingnuts.


Oh how cute. I’m sure the venezuelan people who are currently going hungry will appreciate it. How much of the multimillion euros Podemos got from the vzlan govt. went to this?

Anti-austerity indeed!!

Just so you can understand @nucholab ‘s comment: spanish right wing parties are trying to push a conspiracy theory that states that Podemos is being secretly financed by the venezuelan government in order to transform Spain into a chavista bolivarian hellscape. Which is obviously not true: as everybody knows, Podemos’ campaign is being bankrolled by the Illuminati with the objective of turning Spain into a giant prison for Sanders’ supporters.


secretly financed

It’s not very secret:


Can we extend that to Corbyn supporters d’you think? I’m all for being exiled to a socialist dystopian hellscape somewhere sunny. Sounds great to me. Far away from English weather and UKIP. Be lovely, that.

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