Anti-austerity parties soar in Spanish elections as Greece threatens default

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I’m not sure why the Catalonian independence is included here (ciberattacks?). While that can be important in the future, right now Ada Colau won in Barcelona against CIU, the right-wing, pro-austerity party that tried to use the whole Independence movement as a lifeboat. Seems it is sinking for them, without that meaning the issue is not still popular and have support.

But right now it seems much more like the moment of the revenge on the corrupt establishment than anything else.


Just another little step to show the rest of the world that the people can shake the elite from their ivory towers, that we should not resign ourselves to be pawns at the hands of sociopathic one percenters, that we can change a country. That YES WE CAN. ¡SI PODEMOS!

Four years ago the same politicians that today cover in fear for their lost privileges told us, the indignados:

“If you believe that your movement has so many popular support why don’t your drop down your banners and form a political party!”

And we did it.

And they wish they said nothing to us.

We were sick of their corruption, of they becoming more and more rich while the rest of us were becoming more poor. Sick of their lies, their ostentatious lifestyles, of their contempt, of their disdain for those who cried for help.

Serve it as a lesson. You can do it at your own country, you just have to unite and cry THAT’S ENOUGH!.


For me, the main thing is the corruption.

They have been playing a lot with the fear of instability/the markets/whatever if the radicals/chavistas/etarras win, and about the “recovery”.

The “recovery” is a piece of shit - I stil cant believe Rajoy had the BALLS to say “nobody is talking about unemployment now” - and while I have many doubts about some of Podemos and friends * more radical wings (sorry, not a fan of anybody that is a fan of Chávez)… well, what the fuck did they expect? EVERY single day a new corruption scandal shows that EVERYBODY from the PP and PSOE is either stealing, keeping silent about friends stealing, or at the bare minimum a tool.

So all the pride and contempt they showed to anybody else and all the insults and doubts became badges of honour. Literally, there is no better credential than their hatred and fear for anybody trying to capture the frustrated and pissed electorate here. “Esperanza Aguirre thinks you are the devil” is the best campaing you can get.

  • Let me add that it is SOME - I know there are many people there. Also important - Podemos is more of a catalyst here. They won in places they went hand in hand with many grassroot movements. Hope they realize that and undo the moves toward centralization and “central comitee rule”.

And here we’ve got fucking UKIP. Fuck’s sake.


Wondering if the stubbornness of the Troika re: Greece has less to do with not wanting to give Greece what it needs and more to do with not wanting to give it to Syriza in particular. I get a sense that their intention is to bring down the Syriza government, then hand over what they were planning to hand over anyway. Anything to avoid handing a victory to a left-wing party.


Why do you think the Spanish Economy Minister, De Guindos, is so set to be Greece’s hound? Any concession to Greece shows how idiotic and corrupt their servilism to the Troika was. Any Greek success is a call for trying the same in Spain.

Greece has to fail so he and his pals can keep their positions from where they steal.


Here from a tweet, an image of Ada Colau a few years ago

That was when she was in protest against evictions in the city.

Is going to be an interesting meeting when she calls the local police department bosses to her office :stuck_out_tongue:


In the link you included:

the 0% interest would be valid, making the $14 billion owed an amount too small to make Greece’s 2015 debt of 177% of GDP manageable.

That’s your solution? “The patient will have both his arms cut off, wiping out any trouble he had with joint pain”.

Wouldn’t anyone in Greece with a liltle money just move it out of the country?

Again, in the Guardian article you quoted, we see that Nikos Voutsis threatens to default, in order to have more realistic options.

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In the servile mindset of the broken, British masses, UKIP is revolutionary.

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That’s unimportant. What matters is that the Right and the Left have reached the same conclusion.

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