It's a monkey in a snowsuit, checking on his pet chickens and goat


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Very cute! I love his goat brother. However, this puzzles me, too. Doesn’t his tail get cold?

Also, is this how Putin controls the masses? I mean it seems that Russians* are so busy making and posting videos, is this what he counts on?

(I assume they’re Russian based upon the name Feodor.)


Please have them walk into a bar.


It looks like there is a tail sock (or whatever one calls a tube of material closed at one end that goes over a tail)

Also - are we sure it is not going to visit his/her friend the space heater?


Yes but the videos almost always involve car crashes and/or dangerous chemicals. This does not bode well for peace.


That’s true, but it seems they love their cat videos too.(Of course, everyone loves a good cat video. Right? :smile_cat:)


IDK, could be a family member…


This is one of the most fucked up videos I’ve ever watched. Small child morphs into monkey and back again.

shakes head


This has to be Russia, oh wait, check the monkey’s jacket…

The monkey is wearing a fucking Russian flagged jacket, man.



You can’t make this excrement up.


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