It's been 10 years since artist recorded candid shots from Apple Store webcams—and got a visit from the Secret Service

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I’m writing a love song to my Dear Wife and that there line is going into the song.

firing out legal nastygrams


I feel the same way about Google Glass. People got all up in arms about someone having the ability to record what they saw, but we’ve since seen that just about everything can end up on camera anyway.

And Google glass would be really useful now as a body cam when you encounter the police…


All data that can be monetized, will be monetized.
Is being monetized right now.
Here on this bbs too.

All of it.

Everything is harvestable and monetizable: every pic in word in every Captcha and reCaptcha that trains AI; every time a human talks to Alexa, Siri, OkGoogle (all originally coming from this DARPA project; etc.


etc. just don’t like that we get these IRL instantiations that remind us meat puppets that


Where does this all lead to? Hell if I know. Here’s a case for y’all:

I subscribed to Cory’s pluralistic newsletter.
Hoping to make some time this summer to read/listen to


One more piece of the post-internet puzzle we are still grappling with.

One of my old roommates used to take photos (on film) of people in public places, he was discreet about it and got some beautiful B&W portraits of people with their guard down that were artistic and honest, but those people mostly didn’t know or never knew, and so their lives went on unchanged. Even at the time I wondered “is this ethical”, but it was legal. If an Apple store counts as a public place, and McDonald got permission from the store to take photos, then he was in the clear. The offense was doing something that was just annoying or looked suspicious.

Remember Chat Roulette? For a short while I logged on and just saved screenshots of people there, anytime I saw something that had an accidental artistry to it. Somewhere I still have a folder of random images of people’s faces, waiting to be turned into an art project. That too has been done.

Here’s a video that explores a similar theme:

I could only stomach the first half because of the awkwardness, but that’s exactly the point of it.

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So, if I understand this correctly, this “artist” strolls into an Apple store, installs software on computers that he doesn’t own, which then surreptitiously take photos of people without their permission and uploads them to a website?

And you’re surprised that people were outraged by this? Or that Apple went after the guy?

Wow… just … wow BoingBoing…

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