It's fun to watch this specialized truck build a tunnel

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Ancient Etruscans, eat your heart out.


The fact they fit together not unlike Legos is an added bonus.


Credit where credit is due: the people are building the tunnel. The truck is just sitting there.


Coolest thing on the web today. Award to be given sometime in the near future…


Fun? Fun.

A tunnel truck killed my parents.

You monster.

Also, there’s a sniper in the Reddit comments, steer clear.


I liked how the big shovel tamped down the keystones.

This is basically the covered garage I want to build into the hill here, with about 3/4 of it in the hill.


No foundation? I’m not going to spend any time underneath of an arch of unmortared concrete blocks sitting on dirt.


Elon Musk is taking notes…

Not sure the mortar would add much that sheer weight and friction wouldn’t accomplish. The biggest danger I see is the foundation blocks sliding sideways, but that looks well covered by the earth on each side.

I’d have lunch under it; unless it was in earthquake country.

Natural bedrock is sometimes used as a foundation for relatively light structures. This type of arch is at least four thousand years old, and some are still standing from the many tens of thousands the Romans and their client states built. I guarantee that if you leave your house on any regular basis, you put your trust in civil engineers.

The footers, or bottom-most stones on either side, experience fairly little sideways force, which tightly packed earth should hold. On heavier arches, abutments would be used, stones beside the footers, but this doesn’t appear to have them.


Well, then it’s settled. Pixar’s next movie needs to involve anthropomorphized construction vehicles. I could watch backhoes excavators* do delicate operations with their buckets, and do their ape-like bucket-arm-assisted climbing/movement for at least 5 hours broken across 3 movies…

*see, I, and those like me, need this movie…

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