Remarkable photos of Greek tunnel construction

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Also instructive to have Firefox save the page as 1.1MB .html (but never let me check in the little down’d tooltip) and a few small jpegs and see the largest JPEG top out at 1.5 MB. Wow! Those round concrete liner bits have that '80s space gallery (or UNIQLO?) vibe. Public transit yaaaaaay what?


I wonder how deep they need to go to avoid archaeology?



Impossible, it is all archaeology. Athens has been there in one form or another for >4000 years. The whole country is archaeology. Just need to work with it.

My FIL grew up in a farming village that was, 2500 years ago, a major city state. He told me about digging pottery shards out of their garden and using them for slingshots. The ruins are on the edge of town with a 10"x6" sign that says ‘Ancient Ruins’.

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