It's Poe's birthday, so here's Neil Gaiman reading The Raven


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Sorry Edgah, I think the Raven said “Nevehmowah”:


Sadly, the sound quality is garbage. This would be nice if it were done with good equipment or in a studio.



Here’s a reading of Poe’s lesser known follow-up to The Raven:

The Runaway Pumpkin


Both were written upon by Poe.


As read by Q…


i wanna watch that Treehouse of horror again




Basil Rathbone recites Poe’s “Alone”

Yes, Rathbone recorded a recitation of “The Raven,” but it’s a trifle too exquisite for here. It’s best enjoyed with a snifter and by candlelight, in a lounge.



I have that on a t-shirt. I love that t-shirt!


Quoth the raven, “Eat my shorts!”


Also they both have inky quills and produce notes that are very flat.


For a riddle with no answer it has more answers than most.



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