Jack Kirby's glorious comic book experiment

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Whenever I hear about this, all I can think about is the conniptions some of the religious folks would have nowadays if anyone dared to brand something as NEW GODS from NEW GENESIS. In fact, it’s the sort of packaging you might expect on yet another hackneyed attempt to make the ol’ Gospel stories Hip and Relevant to the Latest Generation.

On that note, consider what Kirby did with Zelazny’s sci-fi take on Hinduism.


Had that Forever People book when I was a kid.

I read it at 10… Listening to my brother’s copy of The Mothers We’re Only In It For The Money was way more head expanding

That sounds about right.

I might have had some of these comics in to 70s but would have been too young to appreciate them.

Kirby’s Fourth World work is a thing of beauty & a joy to behold. The design work & ideas he casually throws out throughout the titles is Kirby boiled down to his essence. Forever People #4 may just be the best single issue of comics. The sense of disposablity of the medium in contrast to the themes it discusses hits the sweet spot every time.


This is what I grew up reading, or trying to read. I was six years old when my thirteen year old brother bought it. I don’t remember much of it, except for that artwork! And wondering why Jack Kirby went to DC; yes, even at six, I knew who he was, among others.

Reminiscing, I also remember that issue. Kirby was the first artist I ever disliked, and the Kamandi and New Gods lines were the first that I would not read as a kid. As an 8-10 yr. old I was so desperate for comics that I even read the Bible-based ones my grandparents gave me, and the love story comics that some of my teen-aged aunts read.

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Also, if you were into Kirby and hankering for some similar material, the super-psychedelic Gødland by Joe Casey and Tom Scioli is recent fare that has got you covered.


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