New edition of the Jack Kirby Fourth World Omnibus is coming and it is 1,536 pages long!

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Anyone know if they’ll be reprinting the four-volume set? I’ve got the first three already.

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John Hodgman is a national treasure.


As was Jack Kirby.

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If I could buy the neighbor’s house, I’d have room for all the art books I want…

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The work is the best comics creator producing one of his best works. The format is the latest in the long line of comic book publishers war on bindings and bookcases…

After a very short time, Kirby’s action scenes all look alike as do his characters.

Square-jawed heroes, square jawed women with size FF breasts and everyone wearing silly hats (which is really the only way to tell the cast apart). Think about that picture frame the Scarlet Witch hung on her face back in the day as a very silly example or Hera’s UHF antenna array, still sported in the current movie. Or Black Bolt’s “tuning fork” head piece. (Sure glad they left that nonsense out of the TV Inhumans, for all its failings.)

I love what he did for the comics as I was reading his stuff in the early sixties when it was new and fresh but after decades, it all looks the same.

I think it all looks fantastic but its also always struck me as a little schizophrenic. It doesn’t seem in Kirby biographies he had any history of a diagnosis.

So does that make “Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth” a Fifth World or Third World book?

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