Jack White makes a shop stool for Adam Savage

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I didn’t think Jack White could get any more awesome, but as someone who is also both a maker and a musician, this did it.


He’s quite the maker, building guitars and other types of music equipment from scratch but him being a former upholsterer was news to me when i saw this vid yesterday. The new cushion for the stool is lovely and the details are very thoughtful.


It is discussed in the documentary It Might Get Loud.
Not coincidentally, he was in a band called The Upholsterers.


My shop stool is held together with duct-tape and liquid nails, I’m ready to upgrade.


Sewing is such a useful life skill, especially when you look at projects like re-upholstering. My mom has done so with chairs that were bought in Goodwill, found on the curb, and some that she’s had for years and re did the cushions for all of them to great effect.


Apparently he secreted a few copies of the White Stripes’ first single inside furniture he was working on at the time


can we get any better than Jack White and Adam Savage?

I would love to see a video where they make something together…just thinking about it makes me happy.


Glad this was already posted! and apparently he still has an upholstery shop at Third Man!


The White Stripes’ 1999 self-titled debut album contained a little blurb about the Peppermint Triple Tremolo he built.

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Jack’s opened a Third Man shop in London, and he did all the shop fittings himself, there’s also a small live performance space for acts to use. I no longer have a working turntable, but next time I’m in London I’ll try to get around to checking the shop out. When he was interviewed by Steve Lamaq from BBC 6Music about the shop, he came across as a really genuine, funny and thoughtful bloke.


Exquisite work! Some might say, “Too nice to use”… which would be tragic. They were gifted to be used, and Adam will use them. No doubt about that!

That takes me to my sad, sad :blush: story from my time in kindergarten. Our teacher, Miss Nash, (who I called Miss Moustache, but never to her face) recommended that we kiddies bring in old shirts, with those to be used by us as artist’s smocks when doing our paintings. My Mom, who has never done anything halfway, decided to sew my name onto the back of one of my Dad’s rarely worn shirts and that by using differing colors of fabric for reach letter. I remember feeling very proud of it and of my Mom. Miss Nash got one look at it and, “No. This is much too nice and would make the other kids feel sad for not having one like it.” The “too nice” part actually erased any feelings of disappointment; my Mom made it, and the circumstances stamped a kind of specialness onto the shirt, so that made me happy. End of story.


What a totally unexpected and wonderful crossover.

I remember reading years ago that while Jack worked to upholster couches, he hid vinyl records inside the couches from his first band.

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