Jackhammer Jill Cosplay




Needs more flannel. And a unicorn.


I have some safety concerns if she plans on using that jackhammer, but otherwise fully support this.


There needs to be some sort of study about female tropes in blog-mascot design,


We’re just moments away from the thread derailing from a nice photo to portrayals of violence against women on the web.


Does she get bonus points or penalty points for choosing “sexy” Jackhammer Jill?


If Im not mistaken, that is an Adult Film Star. I forget her name, really.


Never made it all the way to the credit roll…?


I get a kick when redneck culture overlaps with geek culture.


I saw a Jackhammer Jill cosplay music video once!


I think Jackhammer Jill can adequately defend herself. Look at her weapon of choice.

Any Jackhammer Jill variant featuring a jackhammer is de facto “sexy” Jackhammer Jill.


I think it’s Jackhammer Jill (no relation).


Why does the lady at about 0:15 have the drillbit spinning the wrong way???


Dream on, bucko. Then maybe wake up and realize that feminists are not constantly lying in wait so they can denounce every photo of a scantily clad woman.

I’m guessing you also complain about “political correctness” and “feminazis” a lot?


Pffft. That’s not a jackhammer. More of a demolition hammer. Jill would be disappointed.


Australian drill bit?


Why, you planning on talking more or something?


Maybe it’s because I grew up in the US West, but I’ve known a lot of “redneck” engineers and techies throughout the years.


reverse image search says Maggie Green


And now Google is serving me up ads for Equestrian dating… I don’t want to date a horse