Jackie Orms was the first black woman cartoonist to be published in a newspaper

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/09/22/jackie-orms-was-the-first-black-woman-cartoonist-to-be-published-in-a-newspaper.html


Haven’t heard of her unfortunately but glad to find out about her. Newspaper comics that did political and social commentary were a big inspiration for me growing up, my favorite artist being the Argentinian legend Quino. I’d love to see more comic artists recognized for their brave voices.


Wow, without even reading the article, just the comic, my mind immediately went to Emmett Till. That must say a lot about how effectively she conveyed the message.


Yeah, that’s a pull-no-punches punchline. Subtle but cuts deep.

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Jackie Orms

Ormes with an ‘E,’ like it is in the rest of the post.


It’s subtle, but the mother (or big sister?) seems to be hiding the newspaper behind her back, and it looks like it says “TILL” in the headline.

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I didn’t catch that! Very cool (the subversiveness, not the topic, obvs).

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