UPDATE: Ivan Brunetti's Nancy comic strips




The first one made me lol


Hey, no h/t? I posted a link to them in the comments of the original post.


Nancy? I dunno… But these are the BEST Bazooka Joe strips, ever!


Exactly! Bazooka Joe came to mind for me too. Especially the really quick, dumb jokes.

Thanks for posting these, Mark! I can definitely see slight differences in drawing styles.


I liked these just fine. The Bushmiller strips though were chock full of background touches, without seeming cluttered, while these are sparse to the point of being minimalist.


I briefly worked at a comic shop in Chicago in the early '90s. Ivan was one of our regular customers, so its awesome to see his work here. Thanks for the post.


These are great. I realize Brunetti will never have the sincere, zen-like view of life that Bushmiller had. Even so, his “superficial attempt” is hilarious and a worthy successor. Since Ivan pretty much spends his whole life telling us what a worthless piece of shit he is, hopefully some close cartoonist friend of his will sneak into his house, steal his originals, and get them published somewhere. I, for one, would read them.


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