Jailed Putin critic Alexei Navalny dead, says Russia

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You’ve got to wonder why Russia even bothers with prisons at all.


Are we sure he didn’t fall from a window?

I know that being in a prison probably makes it harder to die that way, but I would have expected the GRU to rise to the challenge.


Murdered. The word is murdered.

Russia, eating its best people as always.


And this is one of a hundred reasons why Republicans getting cozy with Putin is inexcusable and terrifying.


Wish fulfillment. This is exactly what the Republicans want in America, and why they backed Trump’s bid for Presidential immunity from ALL crimes.
The Republican behaviour to all things happening in Russia and perpetrated by Russian leadership today makes the right wing in America complicit.
100% evil.


Cruelty is the point, though, and prisons extend the cruelty.



According to the doctor, Navalny did not have any underlying conditions that would put him at risk of a thromboembolism (this is the medical term for the obstruction of an artery by a dislodged blood clot). “He had problems with his spine some time ago, but they were absolutely not life-threatening, they only caused [him] discomfort,” he recalled. “He also had pneumonia a long time ago. But, I’ll repeat, he had no acute [health] problems lately.”

“He had neuropathy from the Novichok poisoning, but that’s typical for such poisoning [cases],” he added.

Asked if a blood clot could be used as a cover-up for murder, Polupan emphasized the importance of an independent autopsy. “If an honest autopsy is performed, the blood clot should be visible. A diagnosis of a thromboembolism cannot be made without the detached blood clot being found,” the doctor underscored. “But they [the Russian authorities] can do whatever they want — [they can] falsify the autopsy report and no one will be able to verify anything.”


Given the timing, I wonder if this is a message to anyone running in the upcoming election.


Yulia Navalnaya, Alexei Navalny’s wife, took the stage at the Munich Security Conference. Here’s a longer transcript of what she said.

She said:

I thought, ‘should I stand here before you or should I go back to my children’? And then I thought, ‘what would have Alexei done in my place’? And I’m sure that he would have been standing here on this stage.

I’m don’t know should believe the terrible news we get, the news we get only from the official media, because for many years – and you know all this – we have been in this situation, we cannot believe Putin and his government, they are lying constantly.

She added:

But if it is the truth, I would like Putin and all his staff – everybody around him, his government, his friends – I want them to know that they will be punished for what they have done with our country, with my family and with my husband.

They will be brought to justice, and this day will come soon.

And would like to call upon all the international community, all the people in the world, we should come together and we should fight against this evil.

We should fight this horrific regime in Russia today. This regime and Vladimir Putin should be personally held responsible for all the atrocities they have committed in our country the last year.

Navalnaya then got a standing ovation from the audience of leaders and senior officials.


Even if the diagnosis is correct, they still murdered him by putting him into a remote penalty colony in the first place. I doubt he would have died of the same thing at the same early time if he had stayed free.


I’m pretty sure those leaders ended this conference with thoughts and prayers for Russia, it’s people and the Navalny family.


It seems to speak volumes about how threatened by Navalny Putin was - that Navalny had to be brutally punished, exiled to an Arctic hell-hole and finally murdered.


They have some leeway in methods.


It shows that Putin’s popularity and support is very fragile. (Something which Prigozhin’s mutiny last summer did, as well).

People support Putin, or claim they do, because he’s made sure there are no alternatives. Someone like Navalny was a deadly threat to Putin’s power, simply by making it apparent that there can be other options.


You’ve got to wonder why Russia even bothers with prisons at all.

Cannon fodder for meat-grinding expansionist wars of choice to impress delusional leader?


As others have said, by starting his war and conscripting people Putin broke his regime’s bargain with the Russian people: let us rob you blind and we won’t interfere in your personal lives. Now all he can do is double down on fear and oppression, while throwing nationalist red meat to his Know-Nothing 27% base.


Solely for presenting plausible deniability to the international community.


Not sure Navalny qualifies as that. Bar being against Putin I don’t think he had too many redeeming qualities. He was a far right racist.