Navalny's apartment was seized while he was in a coma, says his team

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But why did they let him be 'medi-vac’ed to Germany? They poisoned him, they had him under their total control in their hospital, they could’ve just delayed the process for “clerical procedures” during which time he would’ve died, (one way or the other). All i can imagine is one of: they were sure he’d die in the German’s oversight, or they were only after message/terrorizing everyone and didn’t care if he didn’t die. It’s horrifying, but a remarkably blunt instrument even as compared with their usual throw them off the roof.


They did delay the process for several days.


Well, how else do you expect from this ex-KGB thug and his favourite pet oligarch to handle the political opposition except through poisoning and theft?


Since Navalny poisoned himself, I’m not at all surprised that he also seized his own apartment while in a coma. He’s just lucky that he wasn’t in a Russian hospital, as he might have also jumped out an upper story window while in a coma, as well.


What a special era of time when we get to know the savagely greedy scum and their assistants/enablers yet can do nothing enact justice. Wouldn’t it be great if karma really existed and took a special interest in giving these swine the most gruesome of paybacks for their handiwork. Seems a pity there isn’t a just god.


they poisoned the man that was trying to stop people in power from poisoning children.

In a kindergarten.

Then they seized his home and all his possessions, and froze his bank account.

When people in Russia wonder why everyone hates Putin so much, this is the kind of evil he perpetrates, with scum that even poisons their own children.

The Russian government deserves to hang, but that would be too good for them. Scum all the way through the ruling class in that country, from bottom to top.


Velvet glove.


My first thought was they would plant “evidence” that Navalny had a supply of Novichok in his apartment, thus proving he poisoned himself.


I feel like he might be a good person to send some money. He’s been deadly ill from a murder attempt, he’s still incapacitated and now he’s homeless.

Is any charity stepping up?


Because the Russian Gov’t did not poison him and they wanted to shut up his yammering followers?

Navalny is, at best, very minor irritant to the Russian Gov’t and to Putin, at least within Russia. If anything, he is more valuable alive and functioning as a magnet for the nuttier anti-gov’t agitators.

To call him an opposition leader is a bit much. His people won something like 6 city council seats in the last regional elections out of several thousand or hundreds of thousands of seats. I think that in the last national election he or his party got something like 1 or 2 % of the vote. His party has never had even one seat in the Duma.

His actual anti-corruption organization’s work seems valuable but, as any such organization, it runs the risk of getting sued for slander or libel. An 88 million rouble (~$1.5 million Canadian) sounds like a bit of a slap.

He lost the case back in 2018. I guess he did not pay up. Seizing his apartment when he was in hospital was a bit cheap but probably the bailiffs weren’t following the international news.

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The bully’s tactic of “stop hitting yourself” has a certain appeal for a cruel thug like Putin.

His apologists seem to enjoy victim-blaming, too.


They actually did that. They stalled the transport for half a day in Omsk.


We’ve all heard about the roving gangs of miscreants in Russia armed with nerve gas. This happens every week there during a mugging.

And Putin has never been involved in murdering people. And if he wanted to he wouldn’t use poison.

You can literally buy polonium in Russian hardware stores.


You mean people opposed to the Putin regime’s corruption? Yes, how dare those nutty agitators speak up? And how dare people accuse Putin of having political opponents poisoned like he’s done before? And how dare Navalny not pay up on a Moscow kangaroo court’s verdict against him when he exposed the financial links between Putin’s pet politician Medvedev and the oligarchs?

Really, I’m not sure why anyone keeps trying to sell useful-idiot narratives about Putin on this BBS when Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are much more receptive channels for disinformation.


You know Putin is a murdering dick right?


Maybe that’s because anyone who opposes Putin tends to get killed before they can amass enough political power to pose a serious threat to his regime.


Anybody hear of time limits on pilots?

Care to back that up with some evidence? Because, while we discourage [citation needed] here, that’s a pretty outrageous claim. If you can’t, then it’s clear you’re just stirring the pot and can be Ignored.

If the opposition leader is a minor irritant, that’s a strong condemnation of Russia and Putin. No functional state operates without opposition.

It doesn’t help your position to cite election stats from a country that doesn’t bother actually counting votes.