Navalny's apartment was seized while he was in a coma, says his team

Exactly. The Russian Gov’t and President Putin are so stupid that they decide to use a notorious nerve poison that spectacularly failed to kill Sergai Skripal when, on their own territory in Russia, they can have Navaly shot, tossed under a bus, or attacked by a rare Siberian tiger[1]

Then, they are so careless that they forget to clean up the evidence in his, supposed, hotel room. (Note I am going with what appears to be the latest story as the “tea story” seems to have been dropped.)

I realize that the White Queen could believe “six impossible things before breakfast” but believing Putin & the Russian Gov’t are this incompetent beggars belief.

Anything could have happened to Navalny from a purely medical emergency to an assassination attempt by a subject of his perfectly valid corruption investigations.

An attempt by Putin and/or the Russian Gov’t just does not make any sense at this time.

Here is Navalny’s assessment of his danger from the Russian Gov’t/Putin.
My death wouldn’t help Putin

  1. Putin is a notorious animal lover so this may not be feasible.

Or, they can sew doubt through social media platforms (and comment sections on blogs) globally (they don’t need to at home, since they control the media) while still sending the very clear message not to fuck with them by using a unique compound to cause a particularly nasty death.


You’re basically in “how do we know that guy didn’t just slip and fall out a window onto a bunch of bullets?” territory at this point.

Oh my god this Putin crush of yours is just getting freaky now.


It’s clear he loves poisoning people- slender bit of deniability- gets to intimidate people everywhere. Can you trust that cup of tea? Who knows?

It also leaves his opponents debilitated and with brain damage. That’s a much more instructive lesson to any opponents.


Do you actually follow anything in the Russian Federation?

Quick question: How many children does Vladimir Putin have?

Any idea of the birth rates or male death rates since 1990?

Any idea of the Russian economy since John McCain called it a “gas station masquerading as a country”.

Have you noticed the determined resistance to a landfill site in the Arkhangelsk Oblast?

Or the protests and demonstrations in Khabarovsk city? BTW from the few bits of film that I saw, the police were not in riot gear nor were they deploying armoured vehicles. It looked a lot more like they were directing traffic for 10,000 protesters.

How much polonium exists in the entire world?

I cheated:

“ The largest batch of the element ever extracted, performed in the first half of the 20th century, contained only 40 Ci (1.5 TBq) (9 mg) of polonium-210 and was obtained by processing 37 tonnes of residues from radium production.[51] Polonium is now usually obtained by irradiating bismuth with high-energy neutrons or protons.[14][52]


Ever try to prove a negative? Have you stopped beating your spouse?

No, there are “relatively” strong opposition parties in Russia. The Communist Party seems to be one. Navalny’s party just is not in the running.

“ Norman Dombey, emeritus professor of theoretical physics at the University of Sussex, said the polonium was produced at a closed nuclear facility in the city of Sarov, 450 miles south-east of Moscow. Its Soviet-era Avangard plant was the only place in the world with a polonium “production line”, he said.

“In my opinion, the Russian state, or its agents, was responsible for the poisoning,” Dombey said.”

“Dombey said the quantity used to kill Litvinenko – he swallowed an astonishing 26.5 microgrammes – was exceptionally large. All other countries, including the US and UK, stopped making polonium in the 1970s. Avangard was the last remaining source of commercial polonium, with no other nuclear facility capable of making sufficient quantities.“


Easy mistake to make. I have been having enough problems finding Sichuan pepper that I have totally given up on polonium.

If you started a screed by dismissing anyone who thinks Hitler was involved in the Night of the Long Knives as a conspiracy nut, went on to point out how much Hitler loved his dog and followed it up by saying how great things in Germany were going under the Third Reich then yeah, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to wonder if you were some kind of Hitler fan.


If you wished to ingest polonium voluntarily- that’s your concern. Quite different from having it forced upon you.

But do report back if you try some.


I have not followed the Litvinenko story at all so as far as I know the story could well be true. Did you notice, however, the dastardly Russians do not seem to have used polonium again.

I am waiting for Amazon to offer same day delivery for Novachuk. /sc

I have enough problems getting loose tea here. Polonium is outside of my budget.

Oh well.

That’s not what I asked. You’re deflecting. You made a claim - it was a very positive statement. I’m asking whether it’s because you have evidence to back it up, or whether it’s just because of your undying affection for Vlad.

And yet Vlad miraculously gets 95% of the vote. I guess he’s just that popular among the not-poisoned-by-obscure-nerve-agents segments of the population. /s


Closely, in terms of the national political economy and military and intelligence issues. I’ve also been to Russia, can communicate in Russian (no longer close to fluent), and have studied Russian history closely (for example, closely enough to also know the name “Walter Duranty” and also the concept of “whataboutism”, which you might want to look up).

Two daughters (maybe some kids out of wedlock, too). I’m not sure what relevance that has to us, except that he apparently uses one of them to hide some of his vast fortune (as I recall, like his cellist friend, she does something in the arts while also managing to be a billionaire).

Not the exact ones, but I’m well aware that the former have gone down and the latter up at alarming rates. I don’t entirely blame that on Putin (there was a lot of meddling by American neoliberals during the Yeltsin era that also led to a horrible economy), but he hasn’t exactly stanched either despite his “pro-family” policies.

As noted above, horrible. While American capitalists in the early 1990s are partially to blame, the home-grown oligarchs who emerged once the Soviet empire fell were and remain much more culpable. Putin – as is the case with many right-wing authoritarian ultra-nationalist leaders – came to power via that economic misery. He didn’t so much eliminate the oligarchs as corral and control them, making sure to “wet his beak” in every industry and financial deal along the way.

I haven’t. I have noticed that Putin (with the help of his assistant/spin doctor Surkov) is willing to allow the occasional demonstration against the authorities as long as they don’t actually threaten his regime’s power. Sometimes (though perhaps not in these cases) they actually covertly fund and back the protests via cut-outs.

Perhaps that is one of the protests the regime secretly backed, then. We’ll never know, but it’s clear that the authorities don’t see these protests as a real threat to their power. The militia-style normal police can be bastards, but they’re nothing compared to the OMON/National Guard troops who are called in when a protest truly upsets the regime.

And yet you’re positing yourself as more knowledgeable about the Russian Federation than anyone else here. I know it’s an uncomfortable topic for you, but really…

I’ll only re-iterate what @Brainspore said: your fanboi crush on an ultra-nationalist ex-KGB thug who’s siphoned off an estimated $200-billion from his own people, who violates the rights of LGBTQ+ people, who pursues an expansionist agenda within Russia’s historical sphere of influence, and who poisons his political opponents is embarrassing. The same goes for your weak and transparent attempts to smear anyone who opposes him and his corrupt regime.


They thought once he was out of the country, if he did survive he’d never return. Result, either way.


As one of the regime’s most stubborn opponents he knows them well, which is why we’re now seeing headlines like this:


You simply do not get it do you? Not only does Putin not care whether anyone knows it was him, he actively WANTS people to know it was him, but with slender enough deniability that he cannot be actually held responsible. (Not that actually being evidentially beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt held proven responsible would actually bother him much, either.)

The entire point is to be able to say: See how I can kill any of you and there is no come-back. Now behave, because if you get too much out of line or become too much of an irritant the same might accidentally happen to you. Look at this latest example of how not to behave.


You know what’s amazing? When you get paid for every response your trolling elicits. I just ignore the trolls and hope they’re enjoying their part in screwing up the world. Hey, not everyone can be ethical, some people need a job and being a direct agent of the destruction of international society apparently doesn’t bother them.

I’d say I’m thankful that the shocking life expectancy for rural males, the spiraling HIV rates, rampant iv drug abuse and economic malaise of much of Russia is great except that it really sucks at the end of the day.

It’s outrageous that the leading opposition figure in Russia was almost assassinated by the Russian state — no other organization has access to either military nerve agents or the protocols to effectively use them — and yet our President here in USA doesn’t condemn that flagrant crime. He must be a stooge.

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