Jailers watched as man arrested for unpaid traffic fine dies naked on cell floor

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A lawyer for Macomb county said the suit “lacks legal merit,” and the county has no plans to settle.

What I wanted to say about this post is that I’m really glad they’re not settling. That will give a jury a chance to show the asshats what a depleted budget looks like.


The family should sue everyone involved personally. Not the department but personally…up and down the line. Watching a person die on CCTV and doing nothing is wrongful death—personally. YOU PERSON THERE WATCHING…YOUR ARE RESPONSIBLE TOO,


Their jobs. Their pensions. Their freedom.


They already know what it looks like - they’re local government. It means police, fire and teachers laid off. I wouldn’t count that as a victory for anybody at all, myself.


I’m not sure that all those city services would come out of the same budget, especially in any specific case.

I’d hope that a crunch like that would put the hurt on their department and force layoffs and leave the other services alone.

But that’s a great point.


Accomplices to a wrongful death.


I’m sure they have a great excuse… Like, “I was just following orders.” or “nobody told me to help that dying man.”

They’re fucking nazis. Or just as bad. String em up by their Achilles and let the fucking buzzards decide.


They deserve equal treatment under the law. That said, throw the fucking book at them.

A nice fat civil suit for the department (their employees are an assumed liability and the department is legally culpable). That should yield an award from a jury or a judge. And the department undoubtedly has the deepest pockets.

And criminal charges for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON who knew and had a chance to stop it and walked right by.

Personally, I’d rather be left to the buzzards than spend life in prison.


Those things are typically funded by municipalities, not counties. Although, counties fund sheriff’s departments, like the soulless deputies who watched this man die. More likely would be that roads wouldn’t be maintained or parks might be neglected, etc.

Either way, the taxpayers lose. And since it is the county’s money, the deputies learn nothing. Criminally prosecute them, fire them, take away their pensions, etc. But having a badge means have a near license to kill in the US.


it is my hope that they ALL get cancer…

I’m gonna stop thinking it can’t get any worse because it just always does.


This is legalese for ‘we don’t actually have any valid argument so we’ll just resort to putting our fingers in our ears and going “na-na-na can’t hear you”’.


it does makes you wonder what the US have the death penalty for.


Seriously, I am staunchly against the death penalty, but if there ever is a justification in my opinion, it’s with regard to this kind death due to willful and active neglect. Killing something you want dead is one thing. It can be a crime of passion requiring vast atonement. But this is just sick minded. We can’t let people who tolerate being a part of this kind of abuse interact with humanity. They’re too dangerous for non-broken humans to come into contact with, lest they kill us all.

I still wouldn’t feel right killing them. But, they ought to be separated from humanity in such a way that they can’t ever hurt us.


They should be made to watch recordings of the dying man on a large screen in a small room, forever.


This wasn’t “neglect,” it was torture and murder. Fuck a lawsuit, these cops should be the next occupants of that cell.


what a horrible lack of compassion, it is mind boggling.

also, we have to stop this shit of locking poor people up for unpaid fines. it doesn’t help anything. they aren’t more able to pay from jail. it costs tax payers more. it is shit. they can’t pay don’t lock them up, give them an opportunity work it off.

that and we have to chill with the fines in the first place, police departments are basically just criminal money grabs these days, one step away from collecting protection money from local businesses.


GOOD. They’re responsible, morally and legally. Vote in your local elections people. Especially for prosecutors and sheriffs. Your vote doesn’t count in big national races? Sure. In tiny county and muni races? There’s really no excuse. There’s no excuse for not appointing citizen oversight boards and for failing to implement auditing processes. People want to legislate through the courts, by lawsuit? This is the product of that course of action. Bad law, no oversight, and lack of law leads to reactive attempts to secure equity through the courts.

The argument that “taxpayers are the only losers” isn’t argument against this course of action. It is 100% an argument for it. Apathy is a form of tyranny in democratic systems. You want to let the select few parties with the most compromised financial and professional interests control your infrastructure. You deserve what you get out of that system, collectively, as you contributed to it, collectively.


I apologize in advance, but i still have a little rant left in me that i need to get out…

“sir, you just walked across the street at a non-designated crossing, that isn’t safe. You know what would make you safer? Paying me money!”

“sir, you were driving too fast, that isn’t safe. You know what would make you safer? Paying me money!”

BULLSHIT!!! Fines are a joke and set a horrible precedent that is counter productive to police looking out for our interests instead of their own. It has turned “safety policing” into police fund raising. unacceptable.

get caught speeding more then 3 times…you have to attend a mandatory free driving class.
get caught jaywalking more then 3 times…you have to attend a mandatory free pedestrian safety class.
get caught not wearing a seat belt more then 3 times…you have to attend a mandatory free seat belt safety class.

that is a better deterrent and educational, and would actually result in increased safety. if they actually cared about safety then they could improve safety without stealing our money. safety through education rather then chastisement.

they jail people for not being able to pay fines, crazy. they jail people for all sorts of things at great expense to the tax payers. many of those things would be better served with classes or work programs, with help instead of further hindrance.

police being helpers and positive educators would turn the entire paradigm on its head. right now they are punishers who catch us for reward, a process which leads to ultimate dehumanization of the people they should be protecting and tragedies like we are currently seeing.

just a thought…