Jakub Rozalski's dystopian sci-fi countryside paintings




Because I have consumed the entire Internet, and not everyone has, I’ll just leave these here.


And http://mentalfloss.com/article/28193/great-art-star-destroyers


Did it taste good and can you recommend a wine pairing?


Cool, reminds me of Simon Stålenhag’s paintings (previously featured on BB)


see also simon stalenhag - 70’s sweden + robots + vintage saab/volvo



Thunderbird, or Pagan Pink Ripple.


I would recommend a nice chianti and maybe some fava beans to go with it, but every time I do people look at me funny. Probably because they’ve no idea what fava beans are.


Thes are my favourites. They’re like a Twee Scandinavian Socialist Half-Life.


simon stalenhag throw pillows - who knew?


The image of amish-like farmers toiling under the shadows of massive, large-scale weapons reminded me of settings common to the TV program Stargate - SG1. The peasantry was kept in a state of perpetual ignorance and slavery by the technology scavenging Goa’uld.


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