The amazing, endless battle between rural Eastern European partisan fighters, demons, mecha, and werewolves


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Yugoslavian computer magazine cover girls of the 1980s-90s

I read somewhere that as part of his process, he painted a single painting every day for a while, limiting himself to 30 minutes each time to improve his skill.


The board game is tremendous. Your faction leaders can sometimes draw encounter cards, and the rules even suggest reading the cards aloud and showing them to all players so they can catch a gander of the artwork.

Best looking board game I’ll ever own.


That first image is of course not about werewolves and not just about any old demon, it shows an epic fight between Krampus and Santa Claus. It seems like a few elfs will be looking for new jobs this year.
Now will he be coming for the kids in the foreground next? I don’t think so, as they’ve probably been good, at least compared to Santa.

Nitpick: Poland is in Central Europe, why should the people in the images be “Eastern European peasants”? And at what point do lowly peasants graduate to proud farmers?


calls the department of unamerican activites

“…so, I’ve got this commie here, talking about the difference between peasants and, get this, ‘proud farmers’ in what is clearly, CLEARLY intended to be a diatribe of some sort on the nature of work, and of course about controlling the means of production…”


i couldnt laugh because this felt too real



From the headline, I assumed this was something about politics. 2016 has been a strange and terrible year.


Man… that is tempting. I have seen his stuff before and it is really good. And I appreciate the mix of pretty historically accurate images with fantasy. My exMiL is Polish and might enjoy it too…

Fun fact, I have a hat like this. It is a Polish Highlander hat. And while it isn’t 100% period or the right style for my garb, I wear it at the ren fair.


I have his book (and the game). It is beautiful.


When they immigrate to England or North America?


I can’t wait to have kids so I can start using these to embellish my Eastern European family history.


What people in America know about European geography:

  • Eastern Europe is the Warsaw Pact.
  • Western Europe is NATO.
  • Central Europe is, um, Switzerland?


Doesn’t look like that would make for a very comfortable hat.


Very nice. Echoes of Simon Stålenhag.


Immigrants to England? Have you seen any news in 2016?


A few years ago we stayed at a slightly run-down B & B in Berkshire, England - reasonably clean & welcoming, but not redecorated since 1978, that sort of thing…
The corridors and public spaces were decorated with very similar paintings, featuring mech warriors and alien-looking spacecraft in pastoral English landscapes.

My guess was that somebody (perhaps the somewhat eccentric elderly owner?) painted the Sci-Fi stuff on top of existing thrift store watercolors, but perhaps there is an entire genre that I’m unaware of?


Holy shit, these are amazing.


Tell your kids that their great grandmother was a mech pilot, but back in those days mechs weren’t like the ones they see in anime, nope; lots of steel and little wiring, and smokestacks originally made for industrial use…

Fuck santa and the easter bunny.


I was really excited to play this MMO from the initial screenshot and description.

I think this is the first time in my life I have been tempted to buy a boardgame based on the artwork.