Show your desktop!

Today I replaced my desktop background with ESO’s Milky Way panorama and thought this could be a nice time waster for the BBS: Show your desktop!

I never use the desktop for program launchers or even as file storage (argh! the horror!) and, as this is my work computer, a typical desktop is cluttered with uncounted terminal sessions.

Never ever will I show the unordered mess of my home folder or the view of my actual wood-and-steel desk - way too embarassing : )


Icons and toolbar clipped, but there’s not anything odd to show.
So the desktop is:

Yeah, could probably do with something a little more interesting there. :expressionless:


you can call yourself lucky that Malevich died in 1935 and his work is in the public domain. the different hue was a nice try, but not sufficient to outrun bloodhounds copyright lawyers


Shhh.The estate of Yves Klein’sgonna break my kneecaps if I’m not careful. I had to alter that screenshot so they wouldn’t hurt me! Last thing I need are the Russian Suprematists on my case as well. :scream_cat:


You get a heart from me, but I… also kinda hate you for arguing that position? It hit too close to real life.

Gak… No: I hate real life. False alarm. It’s fine.

To participate, here’s my BG image, at this moment (I have the habit of saving lots of random files to desktop and I’m under NDAs, so the actual screencap is out for my lazy ass). A default. It changes every five minutes. OS X.

(this has been a backdoor sales pitch for Mac. Hope you’re forced to use it, because you won’t go back. It’s like Linux with an awesome GUI and it lets you develop for iOS).



That is a screencap from VLC.

Indeed it is. That’s how I got it onto my desktop.

It’s from the intro to Gatchaman Crowds. Throughout the first season, more of the characters are able to transform. My cap was from the last few episodes where everybody had transformed at least once.

(no, it hasn’t been up for more than a year, I do switch them every so often)


I like anime with good… artistry. This looks promising. I hate low-FPS cheapo-vision, I guess, because that’s a general indicator of how good the storytelling is going to be. I assume there’s no good dub. Is there a particular version of the subs I should check out?

I like it a lot. I find it creative on many different levels. It’s quirky but quite good.

That’s not my experience. Better production values usually come from being a prestige project or popular franchise, but I find that mostly unrelated to the story. I can watch it for just the character designs, backgrounds, music, story, acting, etc and when I am lucky all of the above. Also I grew up on anime from the 1970s, so was used to everything not having many frames.

Actually, there is a pretty good dub. The first season was released on blu-ray with English dub or in Japanese with English subs. I usually don’t care for American-style anime voice acting - they try too hard to sound “cartoony” instead of acting - but for this one I though the dub was decent. A little birdie tells me that the rip by Xcelent is good, but repackaging a blu-ray is easy enough.

I think I know exactly what you mean. They put on the exaggerated voices. Mr. Peanut Butter…

I’m just as annoyed as you probably are when people say “If don’t want to READ when I’m watching a movie”, like reading is the worst thing in the world, but I’m glad to hear that. I’ve been running around so much lately, that I generally only get to watch things when I’m going to bed, and I like to be able to understand the thing I’m watching after I close my eyes.

I’ve, um. ordered the series from a popular website based on your recommendation. Looking forward to it.

Good stories can be told with very sparse production quality, yes. I do think I have a bias. I realize that anime is more of a medium than a genre, and there are tons of divisions. I just remember that while my friends were gushing about dragon ball, I was trying to change the subject to ninja scroll or arimatage or anything else. I “am a very visual person”, I guess. I also thought those films had better stories. Maybe not… The animation was undeniably better. Attack on Titan is my latest favorite in that vein. I take the “slow pan over almost completely still images” technique as a sign of laziness (with exceptions/in general), and if you think that 90% of everything is crap, like I do, then you have to admit that most people wouldn’t put the money into animation if they weren’t in the top 10.


Has @jlw seen that, yet?


Right now…


I use an iPad for most of my internetting, so I guess it’s technically called “wallpaper” instead of desktop.

The login screen:

And the background for my apps:

My actual PC has a rotating set of photos from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Is that Mavericks? I want me Snow Leopards back. Not enthused with the yearly releases. I went 8-9 years on OS X with nary a hard reset. After Mavericks, it became a weekly thing. Simplicity/stabilty with options and a bash shell just under the surface was what sold me on OS X, these days OS X is feeling like a victim of Apple’s success. Why fix it if it ain’t…

I’m not good with the gifs so just imagine an image of a scowling Mike Ehrmantraut.

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Woah. Are the gas pump lines supposed to pop like that? It looks 3D… It’s like Edward Hopper meets Charles Sheeler under a blacklight.

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So is the 3D effect just me? Time to get my prescrption adjusted? My glasses are too strong because my eye doctor is incompetent, so maybe it’s that. But those hoses look unnaturally 3D.

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Maybe? (but to add a data point for your study: No 3D effect for me : ()

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