Jamaican bobsled team's 8-bit style music video


Why don’t the networks have that inset map on the screen when they’re showing the bobsleigh runs, instead of just close ups of them zooming by?

I love it that they designed it to be synchronized with the bobsled run: http://youtubedoubler.com/bJf2

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Actually it’s 24bit because of all the video spliced in and the music isn’t even MOD based.

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25-bit. I can tell by the pixels.


Bobsled would be a lot more interesting if two or more teams raced at once, as depicted here.

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I would argue that it’s a mashup that doesn’t accurately reflect either 8- or 16-bit systems.

If I wanted to be absurdly pedantic.

Which I do. Try it, it’s fun!

Multiple teams, plus machine guns and spikes.

She makes the Indy 500 look like a Roman chariot race now…

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I’ve always thought the bordercross could be expanded into battlecross - 1v1 skis OR snowboards, but the racers are packing paintball guns. Winner is determined by a combination of the time and how many hits landed on the opposition.

Also: This is clearly just motivational since they almost flipped the sled several times in the race and were 5 seconds behind the pace, which is a lot in bobsled.

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