Watch what happens when you put 20,386 cars into Trackmania


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Agent Smith goes for a drive


awesome video if you turn the sound off. Why are great youtube videos so often ruined by awful music. It doesnt fit.


I see that liquid-metal flood of indestructible cars pouring implacably, impassively, out past the finish, and I know

#no matter who wins, we lose.


Now, now. Why would an amoeboid slurry of internal combustion nanites possibly be threatening? Surely they come in peace.


“20,386 cars”, I counted 20,385.


Looks like those scenes from World War Z.
World War Z Cars?


Did you get the one on the left?


Oh, there it is.


Horrifying. When the AI finally wakes up, we’re screwed.


I like me a bit of chillstep. I think it suits rather well. Each to their own I guess.


CarZ War



Anyway, about the video: pretty cool! Now turn on collision detection and do it over, I’m curious.


Surely this is what Paul Muad’Dib sees when he plays Trackmania with just one car


At first glance, I thought the GIF was from the morning commute out on Route 128 west of Boston. (Nee Rt. 95 to non locals). Then I realized that it all looked too polite.


It’s like the spiritual successor to the old Amiga demos.


I first thought of 20k cockroaches, but a school of minnows is more like it.


The one you didn’t count was the one that Jesus was driving you in?


You mean this one…