Cult driving simulator generates own YouTube genre of automotive chaos

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Yet sooooo much chrome! Simulator disco trucks of destruction.


Polygon has a whole series of these called Car Boys. They actually manage to solve the mystery behind the meaning of “BeamNG”, too.


I came here to post this. Things go off the rails when they find a pack of Sun Chips in a bus a few episodes in.


The symmetry-breaking is amazing. If only we could start with an infinite number of trucks, we could model the Big Bang!


Oh, man, my son is gonna love this…

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Oh I love stuff like this. I remember an old PC game called Indianapolis 500, I soon got bored of driving round and round, but discovered it had some excellent crashing, so me and my friends would play our own game of trying to wipe out as many competitors as possible in a single crash. Was great fun.

Then later came burnout of course, that had a massively fun crash mode.

Gran Turismo is also a favourite of mine, but they never implement proper crashes or let their sponsors cars get messed up, which I thought was something missing from the series.

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Here’s the aftermath.

Join the car crash set.


Cult car crash simulators.


Odd that the chain does not break with the pink & blue car scenario - it just goes through the post.
Reminds me of the smashup derby cars I had as a kid, where all the bits flew off when you crashed them into each other.

Beamng is a hoot and a great way to waste time…

And stuff gets smashed up :slight_smile:

Oh man, I had that game too, and as a kid quickly got similarly bored of playing by the rules. My favorite thing to do was drive around the track in the opposite direction to see how high I could launch other cars’ tires when they popped off. I even managed to get into the sub-ocean* on the Daytona map by clipping straight through the crash barrier at the end of the pit lane while going in reverse at like 40 mph.

*The out-of-bounds area often demarcated by an otherwise-inaccessible water plane found beneath or otherwise outside of most video game levels.

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The king of this kind of thing was Carmageddon. 3 ways to win a race:

  1. By crossing the finish line before everyone else
  2. By destroying all the other cars
  3. Killing every pedestrian in the level (the hardest way)

Carmageddon 2 had a fantastically huge mod called C2Advanced which made the game even more bonkers. I’m currently playing through the latest entry in the series which came out a few years ago.

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Reminds me of a job I worked on years ago where I got to help crash a real cement truck into a big concrete barrier as part of an insurance commercial. Man, that was fun. The director wanted the barrel to flip up over the cab upon impact, so I had to work out the physics and tell them how much black powder would be needed to make that happen, and when to ignite it.

Oh for the days when it was cheaper for production companies to smash up real cars instead of just simulating it…


Yeah, Car Boys is pretty amazing. Shame Nick turned out to be a bit of a creep.

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I didn’t hear about that. Definitely sucks he was a creep on twitter, I had wondered why Monster Factory had changed to Skyrim with Justin and Griffin.

this game has got nothing on autonomous drivers. just wait till we get a few overworked and underpaid ai truckers on the road.

now that’ll be epic.

… and my son DID love this. He now wants to purchase this game.

I remember Carmageddon, one of my friends had it, but by that time I’d moved over to a Playstation and the first GTA. I still remember running over those Elvis joggers.

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