Jamaica's new copyright means Jamaicans pay for reggae the rest of the world gets free

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Here comes the conman
Coming with his con plan.
We won’t take no bribe;
We’ve got (to) stay alive.


Crazy Baldheads gettin’ crazier.

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To everyone naive enough to think politicians aren’t capable or interested in directly fucking over their countrymen for money, here you go. Here’s a really obvious example you are living in denial.

No Jamaican would ever have voted to only screw over their own country. There’s simply no good reason to pass a law that hurts everyone with no angle to it like this- unless bribes were involved by outside parties.

Explain to me, I dare you, how any possible goodwill motive would have passed something like this. There isn’t any.

“intellectual property” and “copyright law”. Somewhere, in hell, a lawyer is happy.


Not to get in the way of a good internet outrage, but ska is hardly in demand in Jamaica to begin with. I realize thats not the point of the outrage but Jamaicans tend to see music made last month as old and played out.

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