James Gunn is going to meet with Batgirl's directors

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This tax write off for locking properties up and pretending they don’t exist so that you can never profit from them again is all wrong. The write off should require you to release the product into the public domain instead.


I have to believe that the non-release is the ultimate expression of “Hollywood accounting,” where movies never break even or make a profit, but somehow the companies and people involved in making them get paid. It make sense, if everybody involved has already made their money, why bother releasing them? I am reminded of a passage in Heinlein’s “A Door into Summer,” where the protagonist gets a job on an automobile assembly line that makes cars that are then sold to the government and then destroyed.


Free Batgirl


Sure, they’ll work with them again… I think we’re due for a remake of “Springtime For Hitler”.


Directors somewhat diss the studio for cancelling their film, then new head of studio wants to have a meetings with them. Directors think this is a GOOD thing.


Either “We’ll find you another project” or “Don’t shit-talk the studio. You’ll never work for us again”

Film might be too terrible for a wide theatrical release, but surely good enough to air in 3 parts on the WB. Or will The Collector put it in a display case next to “The Day The Clown Cried” ?

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If I recall correctly, they can’t show it at all without risking the tax benefits from canning it.

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So we all know that the Batgirl film they did needs to be locked in a vault, never to be seen again. Fine. (Not really fine.) But can Gunn offer them another Batgirl movie? Maybe based off of the same script? Or maybe another movie that somehow contains a condensed version of the film as either a B-plot or even played in theaters within the movie?

If DC wants to can garbage movies for tax relief, may I suggest they adopt Avatar into the DCU ?

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