Watch this new trailer for the previously cancelled Batgirl film

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You need to watch the making of this video (posted yesterday) and correct your information. This is not actually leaked footage but a video they made with their own actors and effects. I will give you that they advertised it as a leak (which is BS on their part) so I understand the confusion, but you need to correct your article.


Ditto. It’s NEW footage BASED on a lot of SFX work, and their own actress and costumes, in the STYLE of leaked footage. It looks like the existing leaked footage, which is an attestation of the quality of their work.

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So does that mean the actual movie would have slightly less cheesy dialog? I’m not saying I didn’t like it, but I was expecting Dark Knight and I got a lot more '66 Batman.


Thank you.

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I find it heartwarming to see a bunch of “bros” championing a Batgirl movie (especially a POC bat woman), even if it never sees the light of day.

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I am so glad to find that’s not actual dialogue…

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Yeah, it’s explicitly a trailer for the idea of a Batgirl film.

Yeah, the voice-over is surprisingly cheesy, I suspect their previous Batman project is leaking through:


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