Jamie Dimon is a (highly selective) socialist

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1% corporate welfare is good, it all trickles down, but it takes apparently a 100 or so years for the trickle to get to the bottom 99% of Americans. Hang in there 99%'ers, our day is right around the corner.


Amazing how most of us have to work our entire lives and never see the financial freedom that Jamie Dimon has after just one year of his earnings.


Jamie Dimon: Government-funded bailout socialism for me, hardscrabble foreclosure capitalism for you.

Anyone in a position of power who doesn’t advocate throwing these MFers in jail is on the take.


who committed a $13b mortgage fraud and whose company received $25B in TARP bailout money

What’s up with the alternating capital-B, little-b designations for billions? Is one for long-form and one short-form?

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I for one, welcome the Roaring 20’s back again. Can someone remind me what came right after that?


Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha haaaaaa…


People on the right like to claim FDR’s New Deal was socialism. They forget that the New Deal saved capitalism at a time when Americans were most receptive communism.


Comes the revolution, he’ll be first against the wall.

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“earnings” implies he worked for or deserved it.

Just call it acquisitions or dividends.


Jail is the light option…

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Kill them all.

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The whole “socialist countries aren’t free!” nonsense is pretty weird when we’re only talking about a level of socialism that’s applicable to, uh, every developed nation but the US. Is the US the only free, developed country, then? It’s so obviously absurd that I only expect to hear it from Republican demagogues, not (ostensible_ Democrats.

“How do you end up with a Democratic party where Jamie Dimon feels at home?”

On the one hand, pretty easily when the other option is outright fascism, but it’ll be interesting to see where these guys go if the Democratic party stops being so enamored with neoliberal economic policy.

Shit, in less than one month of his “earnings,” even. One day of his income was substantially more than the median US income, in about two days he made the median savings. And that was just his immediate compensation, not the ultimate value of his investments (that would have caused him to exceed the median US savings in a timespan measured in minutes…).

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