Jamie Dimon is getting fed up with the protesters who "occupy" him everywhere he goes


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Why is it, when we like them, they’re bankers, but when we hate them, they’re banksters?






Quit whining, Jamie. They haven’t tried to maim or kill you yet . . . although they should have and several times over.

Folks, get real. This guy (and people like him) promote economic policies with a global body count.


If he doesn’t like the protests,he’s REALLY gonna hate the torches and pitchforks.


“You seem like a bright young man who is highly misinformed,” Dimon said, before ticking through some of the bank’s philanthropic initiatives.

I mean … the idea of using fraud to gather money to then pick and choose who gets it and then call it “charity” or whatever … impale that guy on a trombone.


Jamie Dimon, you seem like a well-dressed, smooth-talking man who has a howling void in the middle of his soul where most people have a conscience.


Back in the late 70’s, airport employees and crews used toy “cricket” clickers at LAX & SFO to annoy and drive away the Hare Krishnas who at the time were trying to extract donations after pressing “free” books into people’s hands as they entered/exited gate areas. It worked really well, so well in fact that as soon as you would start clicking (hand in pocket), they would just up and leave the area.

Maybe someday people will welcome Jamie Dimon this way?



That’s not quite correct. When we like them, they’re credit unions.


Yep, that’s what being rich does to people. It makes them nasty.



Hang them.


With a name like Dimon, what did we expect, St. Michael?


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