AIG chief lamely apologizes for comparing outrage over bonuses to lynchings of Black people


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Hey, if anybody’s looking for somebody who’d be willing to Just Keep His Goddamn Mouth Shut, I’d be happy to take the job at half the salary! I’ll admit that my understanding of the plight of the plutocrat is not as nuanced; but I could learn on the job.


“What we did in the Deep South?” Who’s this “we”, white man?


On a more positive note, this now elevates the Ted Cruz filiblustser “Bataan Death March” remark to top spot on the list of prominent self-absorbed ass-hatted shiticisms – WTG Ted!


It’s at times like this when I have to beat down my inner crazy conspiracy theorist, which at the moment is saying that they don’t want “somebody who’d be willing to Just Keep His Goddamn Mouth Shut”. They want someone who will Say The Most Goddamn Stupid Things To Distract People From The Real Issue. Benmosche’s words are certainly deserving of criticism, but my inner crazy conspiracy theorist has snagged on the possibility that his words could be a distraction from the highly criticized banker bonuses.


Subtle difference being that the calls to lynch bankers stemmed from what they’d done not who they are.


I for one am GLAD that they are using that imagery to describe what criticism and losing money feels like to them. I’d like to hear MORE of it. Because they believe ACTUAL lynching will never happen to them, they can move to other anxieties. And I for one do NOT want to hint or joke about killing them.

Loss of money is their greatest fear. They want the money, they want the power and they want the respect. But especially the respect that they believe the money should give them, especially from the past. “Past performance is no guarantee of the future results” is what they say in the prospectus, but for them they EXPECT others to know about the past performance. And the see no reason that it won’t keep happening in the future after this unpleasantness. So for anyone to question them is painful. They are trying to put themselves in the shoes of the pions. “If I was one of the little people what would it feel like? I know, lynching!"

They are telling us what bothers them. I don’t think they are doing Brier Rabbit here.

Let’s give ‘em more opportunities to complain, and then give them something to really cry about. I really would like them in jail. I wish that the DoJ would have hired some former screwed over Lehman Bros people just to screw over the people at Goldman.Kind of a "It takes an asshole thief ot catch an asshole thief. But they were too scared,political will, plus fear of lowing donations. “The democrats don’t like us? We won’t donate.”

When someone tells you what they hate and pulls out the most painful imagery that you can imagine to describe that, take them at their word.

You know I asked Matt Tiabbi this question. “What are the WS rich afraid of? And what can we do to help them realize their fears?” (He said, “Not journalists, maybe some left over regulations from different groups or a revitalized SEC” )

We can point out how out of touch they are, but by their comments they are TELLING US. “This is the shit that REALLY hurts us.” This and not treating them with respect.

I will repeat my Trading Places Philosophy of fighting them. “If you want to hurt rich people, you take away their money.”

I also think that actual criminal proceedings would be good for American’s morale. I want to believe that they don’t always get away with it.


What always surprises me about this sort of thing is how, even in the US, where spree killing is practically a hobby, saying things like this, while standing there shoveling taxpayer money into your pockets with both hands, is such a safe occupation. But, unless there are mortality figures I never heard about, the entire fiasco has seen zero people in positions of responsibility, even the ones who said inflammatory things in public, harmed.


I cannot imagine the assbaggery necessary to publicly identify with those who whipped out hangman’s nooses in the deep south and to be unaware that people might find it offensive.

What’s next? We’ll rape those people like we did those babies! What? Too soon?


I think that’s exactly the function Wayne LaPierre of the NRA served after the Newtown massacre. As long as the NRA says crazy shit, no one pays attention to the gun manufacturing companies or their CEOs. Pretty sure LaPierre was following quite specific orders.


Sounds a total shithead

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A couple years ago everything conservatives didn’t enjoy was “like the Holocaust.”

Now they compare their fate to “slavery” and they give a huge shout-out to Martin Luther King.


The fleecing of America, bankers are the pros at it!! Only one difference between bankers and bank robbers, bank robbers carry weapons!!

God (or whatever) spare the common man who stands between these greed infected swine and money. I completely fail to understand how someone could be so devoid of any human decency. Is there any hope that this will ever change peacefully?

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“If you want to hurt rich people, you take away their money.”

I don’t really care about hurting (obscenely) rich people, I just want to remove their power to unjustly steal away money from average Americans. Then again, I guess that does hurt rich people. For shame. :wink:


Truly, straight white male billionaire Bob Benmosche is the Rosa Parks of our generation.


Now they compare their fate to “slavery” and they give a huge shout-out to Martin Luther King.


Free at last, free at last, great God a-mighty we are free from scrutiny at last.


Is there any hope that this will ever change peacefully?

There is. To be honest, if it wasn’t for our ability to spread info and educate one another via the tools of the information age, we’d already be spilling into violence by now. Very fortunately in this day and age in the USA, we still have the power to change things (slowly) without violence.

It’s glacial, it’s tedious and it’s frustrating… but it’s working. We’re toiling to create a functional democracy within this republic and it’s a not going to be quick. Future generations will thank us for our struggles and curse scumbags like Bob Benmosche. He should simply retire the Benmosche name at this point, it’ll be acquainted with scum for decades to come. We probably can’t take away his vast wealth in his lifetime, but at least we can shove his arrogance and hubris into the mud while making greater progress elsewhere.

Then again, if we keep voting people like Elizabeth Warren into office… who knows? Maybe people like him will end up in prison someday, I dunno.


I was wrong: I previously thought that the AIG chief had no shame whatsoever.

If he had any free market bonafides he’d lose what remains of that and aspire
to that of the corporate entity he serves – the one with absolutely no morals or conscience.