Janis Joplin's psychedelic Porsche up for auction


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Sell the Porsche and buy a Mercedes Benz



“Joplin’s”, not “Koplin’s”.


I would like this car very much please.


Shit, if I had the money, I’d DD it.


I fucking love this car.


i want


I fucking love Janis. She was awesome.


I was going to say that.


Seriously. I know four or five sentences is super hard and stuff, but…


Still waiting for the Lord to buy me one. My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.


…but what? You ever had your name misspelled? I have…a LOT. So it bugs me to see the names of others misspelled.


I think most people can get “Taxi” on the first try.


Most English-speaking, more than likely.


The body was repainted as close as possible to the original design by the Denver Center (something) Company in ninety-four …

Yea, not bad for working entirely from memory, but why weren’t they using any of the photographs as a template. Where all of the photos lost in the mid-nineties?
They had photos? That is a shit paint job!


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