Lee Harvey Oswald's car on Ebay


I’d regret it more if it were a Nomad. Eleven grand’s too steep for a four-door wagon in my book.

i just bought one of the copies of his 10-card signed by the officer who arrested him.

Would it be in poor taste to purchase the vehicle, replace the engine and drivetrain for a massive speed increase, and then christen it “patsy’s magic bullet”?

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Someone should buy, fly it by helicopter to the middle the Atlantic and drop it in to become a home for fishes and crabs.

Now if only some seller would list John Wilkes Booth’s last pair of boots.

[Too soon?]


Or, Gassy Knoll.

Recalling the Secret Service’s favorite motivational song, “(Keep Fearing) Assassination” by The Exhumin’ League.

Our Unabashed Dictionary defines Oswald’s Car With the Top Down as Conversion on the Way to Dallas.

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