Janus the two-headed tortoise turned 25

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Janus is a great and appropriate name for this very cute tortoise.


But don’t two-headed animals deserve two separate names? Conjoined human twins, even the rare ones who share a single central body, generally get separate names.

Proving the link to the Reuters article you quote would be most helpful.

Sure, you could argue that, but I think naming the turtle after the god who is always depicted as having two faces is very appropriate.

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Where’s Ray Milland when you need him?


oh yeah, i forgot . . .


Their competitive eating of the lettuce:
When two tortoises go to war, one shell is all that you can score.

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Since each head has its own brain, does this make the tortoise a combined 50 years old?

Came here for this. :grin:

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The second head is at the other end.

Of course, you could always ask him…

Badum, tish! :rofl:

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