Janusz Korczak tried to build an ideal society of children inside the Warsaw ghetto in 1942

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This episode brought me to tears. It involves Natzis, orphans, and an amazing person who did what he could for children who had no advocate in a time when self agency was removed from people for religious, ethnic, political, genetic and truly capricious reasons.

I had never heard of Janusz Korczak or Henryk Goldszmit.
And I am better for having heard this episode.

I hope people decide to discuss the episode here. I’d like to read people’s responses to the episode.


When I read the title of this post I already knew how it would end, just not where.


You know I’ve read extensively on this subject, I’ve known for years that hundreds of thousands of people where killed that summer. But that’s a statistic, the nameless masses are so large they’re unimaginable. You can know what happened but never truly know, if that makes any sense. It’s too big, for me anyway, it doesn’t really get to me where it hurts.

Not this story though. I read one wikipedia page and now I’m having a cry in the early hours of a Sunday morning. Goddamnit.


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